AirBnB Numbers & Covid-19 Market Update Webinar Replay 5/11

Rob texted this image to me today. This property has booked for over 3 months so far this year.
Payment, Interest, Taxes, Insurance are $830/monthLong term rental this property would rent for $1,350/monthSo this would cash flow about $500/month.

With Airbnb its’ gross booking is $2,600/month. It has been booked for 3 1 month stays, yes even in the middle of COVID-19.

It has made $7,800 just from 3 – one month stays. Just those 3 1 months stays – the bookings covered over 9 months of PITI.

With Airbnb it is cash flowing $1,500/month. Airbnb is superior – if you know how to run Airbnb and pick the right asset for Airbnb.

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Market Update

Posted by Robert Orfino on Monday, May 11, 2020