Are You Ready? Surviving and Thriving After COVID-19

We all know that the Covid-19 Pandemic has been hard for the entire world.

We also all know that we will recover as a nation as a state and as a community.

Mr Texas Real Estate wants to make sure that our community is going to be ready when we get over the covid-19 hump.

So if you want to be prepared to do more than just survive, but to thrive join us for this special 2 hour presentation.

  • Are your personal finances in order to tart getting mortgages?
  • Are your business finances in order to rat getting those Business lines of Credit and Non-QM Loans?
  • Have you applied for Disaster Relief?
  • Have you applied for the Payroll Protection Program?
  • Are you aware of these options presented by the government?
  • Have you done some household Austerity?
  • There is still time and no need to fear.

Topic: Are You Ready? Surviving and Thriving after Covid-19
Apr 10, 2020

Watch the Meeting Recording: