Covid-19 Market Update #11

I cannot believe I am writing this.

Unless something drastically changes we, Texas, will likely be in some kind of “lockdown” – limited travel and business activity – in less than a week and it will likely last for at least 14 days.

This seems to be the current popular protocol; as of this email Washington, NY, and CA are closed.

The data above shows the progression of new cases by country or state. Note; it is not adjusted for total population, population density, etc…

It is almost impossible to get reliable data on how many have been tested – along with a litany of other important factors that could give us an idea of risk factors and disease progression. Earlier today I read that there were less than 26k Americans tested.

Given the complete lack of PPE the best advice the CDC has is don’t go near other humans.

What a difference two weeks makes.

SO… is what are we doing during Lockdown 2020.

Lots of real estate training; most of it free. We are going to be hosting a ton of free webinars and “lives” throughout the quarantine.

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Jason Bible
Mr Texas Real Estate