Covid-19 Market Update #2

Last night I was reading in the hot tub and switched over to FinViz to see how the futures markets were fairing before Monday’s open. Much to my surprise, not really – irony is challenging to write, the Plunge Protection Team was working Sunday night to shore up the market before the opening bell.

The screenshot above was taken last night around 10PM – look at all that green!

So much for price discovery and “free markets.” I closed my book on alter egos and behavioral psychology and started browsing MLS – where we have purchased the majority of our assets in the last year.

I put in six offers before midnight. I suspect we will contract three and close two adding another couple $100k to our net-worth and cash flow.

There is nothing that makes sense in the capital markets. I am reading stories about the complete lack of production coming from China and the supply chain shocks that are just now hitting the US shores. Meaning – China can’t make stuff for the US to buy. This will impact everything from $2 flip flops at Walmart to consumer electronics.

SO… is what are we doing during Lockdown 2020.

Lots of real estate training; most of it free. We are going to be hosting a ton of free webinars and “lives” throughout the quarantine.

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Jason Bible
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