Covid-19 Market Update #6

This is my favorite song of ’19.

Crobot – Low Life – to be listened to while enjoying this pre-Pulitzer prize winning email.

Turn off your television.
They’re selling superstition.
Criminals and victims, Slaves to the system, Prisoners to the pain.

I am not buying that there are only 100k cases across the globe. Anything less than a few million is suspect. The reality is there are not enough resources to test everyone that has flu-like symptoms. The handful of epidemiologists that I follow are coalescing around an infection rate of 40-60% of the population. The vast majority of those will present minor symptoms and be well in a few weeks; likely to never be tested as a “positive” and “recovering” case according to the CDC and WHO.

The whole world’s addicted,
Tangled up and twisted, Panic pumping through our veins.

We are living the Low Life – mortgage rates are at historic lows, see pic above. China’r – that is how President Trump pronounces China – is lying. There are stories on the ‘net about how Chinese companies are opening factories – without workers – to trick the world into thinking that they are producing goods.

COVID-19 may be the catalyst that kicked off the wake up call that the capital markets have lost their minds…. the only thing that is propping up the stock market is the FED – and that all came crashing down last Friday.

Index Investing Unmasked: 96% Of Stocks Are Garbage

In his latest research, finance professor Hendrik Bessembinder discovered that 58% of stocks don’t even outperform a Treasury bill. This study was based on 26,000 stocks from 1926 to 2015. Just 4% of stocks accounted for all of the $31.8 trillion in gains during this period. That means 96% of stocks were complete garbage. Even worse, shares of unprofitable companies outperform their profitable counterparts, which is why you have a marketplace that is dominated by Twitters and Teslas.

Index investing means buying a box of garbage stocks sprinkled with a few hope and glamour stocks whose price gains are solely a result of underperforming fund managers grasping for quarterly bonuses and retail investors juicing up their portfolios in a doomed attempt to catch up on their retirement targets.

If you think real estate is expensive now, just wait – JB

SO… is what are we doing during Lockdown 2020.

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