Insider’s Double Decker Weekend Workshop


We’ll get to the bonuses in a moment, but first hear what Californians are saying about Robert’s training:

This is the kind of meetup up I have been looking for and need. Anyone looking to start wholesaling should be here. Very informative.~ Deborah Hill

This was an excellent meet up. Robert is inspiring and informative. He has a lot of information and tools he shares. I totally enjoyed this meet up. Thanks Robert for sharing your knowledge. I learned a lot and will incorporate them into my business.~ Kris Ogle

As a newbie investor I’d recommend this meetup to every and anyone looking for guidance. Super informative, Awesome Energy/ People, and great food!! And most importantly like minded individuals. Thank you so much Robert & Bruce for an awesome meet up!!~ LA Jon

Very informative, and a very easy evening. Look forward to the next Meetup and learning more from Robert. ~ Shari Frazier

Robert believes firmly in taking action and if you come to this event you will get some unbelievable bonuses.


Direct Mail Step-by-Step checklist

While many gurus teach theory, Robert is a believer in teaching action! This unbelievable bonus gives you a step-by-step instruction on how to get your first set of post cards or yellow letters in the mail within days. Each step’s importance in explained and optional steps are included for those who want to super charge their mailers.


Robert’s Letters and Post cards

Want your phone to ring off the hook? Then you’ll love this second bonus: the letters and postcards Robert uses to generate leads for cash buyers, motivated sellers and private investors.

Robert uses direct mail to get leads across the country for cash buyers, motivated sellers and private investors. When you join this special event you get copies of the letters he’s using today to generate leads and live the lifestyle of a successful real estate investor.

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