How to Network in a COVID-19 World

Most service based business are suffering in a post COVID-19 world. Networking and referrals are the lifeblood of small businesses and government officials have made it a crime to host events or meet with clients.

We are hosting a webinar on how to network and build referrals – in a post COVID-19 world. I HIGHLY recommend you attend this webinar. Let me assure you, your competition will be on this webinar learning how to build a massive referral network from home.

Rob and I invested in a technology to help us create memorable experiences with investors, lenders and real estate agents. A significant portion of our business, money and deals, come from our referral network. Casey Elberheart is going to show you how he uses this tech in his business to build a massive referral network.

Topic: Networking From Home Workshop

Air Date : Apr 2, 2020 2PM

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Who is Casey?

Casey Dean Eberhart has been an entrepreneur since his first business venture at the age of five. At the age of 22 he was made General Manager of a $22 million amusement park. Between toddler and adult Casey majored in both Business Management and Human Resource Management at Washington State University. After graduating, Casey made his way to Los Angeles where he found himself working as a Production Manager/Line Producer on feature films including the Oscar winning best picture Being John Malcovich. With his well-earned success in film Casey started his own production equipment rental company, Atomic Production Supplies.

Casey’s business ventures are in no way, shape or form limited to entertainment. His love of business and his love of the “art of the deal” have taken him into uncharted waters time and time again. He has owned businesses ranging from a lingerie store in an adult nightclub, to a Gymboree for the betterment of children, to an online T-shirt company. His need to learn and grow constantly forces him down new paths and at the onset of the real estate boom Casey made his mark with purchases of homes and condos in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. His willingness to try something new and his desire for knowledge is his catalyst for his continued success.

Business is a skill and Casey hones his skills with ongoing study of his trade. He is an avid member of Toastmasters Intl., a voracious reader of business development publications and he attends training conferences and seminars in a wide variety of fields. He is also part of Business Networking International, Long Beach Community Business Network, The Network for You, and many other organizations.

Topic: Networking From Home Workshop

Air Date : Apr 2, 2020 2PM

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