Special Announcement!

New to The Mastermind: JILLIAN SIDOTI!

We want to welcome our newest facilitator to The Mastermind, the brilliant, cool, fun, and amazing Jillian Sidoti!

Jillian is the top SEC Attorney in the country, investor, syndicator, mom, educator, public speaker, author, and we are so excited to have her expertise and experience a part of this group!

Jillian will be working with our Mastermind Members on how to use SEC regulated funds to build a portfolio, share her knowledge on how to raise capital in this market, and so much more.

The price of the Mastermind will be going up, so join today before it does!

New to The Mastermind: Ground-up 4-Unit Small Apartments & Small Apartment Syndication! 

One of the most profitable cash flowing investments with the best financing terms is 4-Unit Small Apartments. However, the current Houston area real estate (HAR) shows 40,000 active listings, only 60 of which are 4-units. We have decided to do ground-up construction on 4 unit apartments with financing already in place as a Mastermind Student-Only Benefit.

The opportunities for small apartments are in the marketplace, the challenge is always the financing. MRTXRE has decided to work with our Mastermind Students to begin syndication deals on small apartments. Our syndication deals are fair and generous to the investors, which means we raise capital faster and will be able to show our mastermind members how to put these syndications together, build a network of investors, and start closing on 50-100 units quickly.

About The Mastermind

We are looking for individuals or couples that meet the following criteria:

  1. 700 FICO Score
  2. 6 Figure income
  3. Capital ready to deploy

We would love to sit down with you and your spouse/partner and make sure you at the right point in your real estate investing (REI) career to take advantage of the Mastermind opportunity.

It is $10,000 for the first year. You can pay here…. Join THE Mastermind!

We want to get folks started in the short term, so we are all on the same page for the meeting this quarter. We have a 12 step on boarding process that will shape your investment strategies so that you can begin once you sign up.

Texas Real Estate Mastermind

Vetted Professional Speakers

  • Fully vetted background checks on each national speaker.
  • Must be doing deals in the topic they speak on.
  • Must show last 5 deals (HUD1 Sheet or equivalent) when presenting.
  • Must always speak in “Net Profit” not Gross.

Education That Works

  • Local Study Groups
    • One-on-One Time with Jason and Robert
    • Structured Learning
  • Hands On Learning
    • Local Bus Tours
    • Hard Hat Tours
    • Team Building Events

Top Quality Vendors and Service Providers

  • Vetted Vendors
  • Quality Products & Services
  • Structures Presentations (not a pitch-fest)
  • References Available
  • Available to our members before the meeting
  • Private video tips for members

Access to Capital $$$

  • Local Introductions
    • Vetted Hard Money Lenders
    • Gap Funders
    • Private Lenders
  • National Introductions
    • National Lenders
    • Conventional Buy-n-Hold Mortgages
    • Business Lines of Credit

Part of the Tribe

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Concentrated Group of Like Minded Individuals
  • Exclusive Private Education: Tips from the Pros
  • Access to basic Documents
    • Assignment Contracts
    • Rehab Checklist
    • Deal Analyzer
    • And more….
  • Vendor Breakdown of Services
  • Exclusive Merchandise for Members Only

Amazing VALUE !!!

  • Once a Month Local Mastermind
  • Quarterly National Mastermind Retreats
  • Free Attendance to Monthly Local Events
  • Surround yourself with action takers
  • Access to Capital: Introductions
  • Video Library
  • Library of Forms
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Save & Make Extra $$$
  • Special Vendor Programs

If you’d like more information, submit your contact info below and we will reach out to you

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It is $10,000 for the first year. You can pay here…. Join THE Mastermind!

What happens after you sign up?

Our 12 Step on-boarding process:

It’s time to start acquiring equity-rich, cash flowing rental properties in Houston! But first…

  1. Meet with Jason and/or Rob
  2. Know Your FICO: What are your FICO 5, 4, 2 Scores?
  3. Tax Webinar: Watch Video on Taxes and Landlording
  4. Talk to Tony: Schedule a 30 min Tax Consultation
  5. Set Up LLC: Best Dashboard for managing LLC and Corps
  6. Prep Drop Box With Personal Info
  7. Email Intro to PM
  8. Watch Merrill’s 2 Day Event
  9. Set Up A Consultation with Non QM Lender
  10. Set Up CNA with Financial Specialist
  11. Set Up Time to Meet with MR TX RE Agent: Where, What are you looking to invest in?
  12. Make Offers: Feel Confident you are ready to build a portfolio