Not Letting COVID Slow Us Down

Here is what we did this week…

Single Family

Contracted four rental properties with Hard Money and Private Money (2 for American Fund 2 for Syndication)

Making Offers – lots of offers. Jason is close to buying a “Party House/AirBnB” 3 miles from the new office. Pool with a grotto…check

Renegotiating some deals in the pipeline for more time to close

Leasing three new rentals – yes even in the midst of H-Town lock-down

Working with Investors to fund our American Recovery Fund – The Fund pays 9% preferred return and 10% equity

Hiring employees for construction


Working with mastermind members to set up new Houston Inner Loop Syndication. Proforma 100% yield in 5 years – 25% return/year

Working with investors to fund Corpus Christi Syndication (100% Yield Proforma)


Working with general partners for our new office building

Building relationship with new lenders

What did you do?

If you want to get started in Real Estate then join us…..

This weekend we are hosting, for the first time online –

Foundations – Real Estate 101 for the Modern Real Estate Investor

  • Mindset and wealth math, the rule of 25
  • Saving for wealth
  • The Map for creating income and wealth – financial freedom
  • Goals – Production of cash and investing for wealth creation
  • How to find deals – Real Estate Marketing 101
  • Evaluate – what type of real estate will meet your goals
  • Value – How to evaluate property and find the best deals
  • Renovation – rehabbing without losing your shirt
  • Financing – where to get the money and how to deploy it

P. S. – Here is the replay from last night’s Quest Trust Trillion Mixer with Rob and I talking about the market and AirbnB

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