Rise – This Ends One of Two Ways

Before we get into today’s update, here is a quick “see I told you so.” March 23rd I predicted US gov’t would print $10T to combat the economic crisis from COVID-19. Notice I wrote – to combat the economic crisis – not the response to the disease. The capital allocated to COVID-19 is much smaller compared to staving off a depression. Hot off today’s presses – we get the article below.

Weimar America, Here We Come! Virus Hysteria Adds $10 Trillion To The National Debt

It is not a surprise to Rob and I that what we predicted has come true; the shocker for us, is how FAST it is coming to fruition.

This ends one of two ways; a massive depression the likes the modern world has never experienced OR a cheap capital fueled expansion that is going to cause asset prices, real estate, to skyrocket.

I am voting for the later, a massive expansion, and I’ll explain in more detail in subsequent emails, with real data – however, you need to get ready NOW for RISE.