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I am a sponsor for these guys (podcasts, radio, events) in the investor community. I’ve nown Jason Bible a few years, and he is VERY active and has lots of engagement. I started hanging out and sponsoring Jason 4 years ago, and since then, have closed many deals in the investor community. I believe that this group of investors will help us survive another blip in real estate that will hit in about the Fall with more foreclosures etc.  A good group of folks to know.

I highly recommend this group. They are the real deal, and have lots of trusted followers in the investor community.

Jennifer Hernandez, Legacy Mutual Mortgage

Jason and Robert are great! Honest and hardworking, and always willing to help others as they ascend to the top and beyond. We are thankful to call them friends.

Solid, up to date real estate news put out daily. Also, check out their classes.

Mr. TX RE is always putting out the best information on the Houston real estate market. Their continuing education products are top notch and helpful.

I started following Mr. Texas Real Estate daily back in February because they were the first and only reporting on the virus and its impact on the real estate market. Real data interpreted logically without the BS. If you are an investor these guys are a must listen and follow. They are the real deal.

Love the team at Mr. Texas Real Estate…Robert Orfino & Jason Bible are expert real estate investors in the Houston market and are continually giving to the real estate investing community!

Very informative, lots of good advice and content. Did not try to sell me on something from him every 5 seconds.

Informative page about the local [Texas] markets.

Jason and Robert share Good advice and real world examples.

Jason and Rob doing their thing early in the morning. I appreciate the honesty in what they are doing and the content is fun.