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Love the team at Mr. Texas Real Estate…Robert Orfino & Jason Bible are expert real estate investors in the Houston market and are continually giving to the real estate investing community!


We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years.

Here’s what just a few have had to say about us…

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Jason and Rob doing their thing early in the morning. I appreciate the honesty in what they are doing and the content is fun.

Jason is always dropping knowledge bombs. Entertaining and insightful. Thumbs up!

Robert Orfino and Jason Bible just dump pure knowledge on us. Their latest meetup on door knocking really helped me decide the direction this marketing channel needs to go for me.

Guy Olds

Always great information on wholesaling and flipping. Good place to network with other investors and learn new techniques. Thanks for the great content!

Todd Rizzardi

Robert and Jason generously share from their wealth of experience. They are dedicated to helping us learn to create a successful business, with no fluff…  their background does not have much room for BS… I’ve taken a lot of courses about real estate investing and it’s refreshing to have someone tell it to you straight, with lots of practical information. I appreciate their format that is designed to have me take action and implement what I’m learning.

James Duffin

I attended the Real Estate Wholesaling Workshop and had an excellent time. Robert, Jason and their team are professional, informative, and have great advice. This is the perfect workshop to up your motivation, learn some industry secrets, and feel confident in this field. Definitely a smart investment in yourself and your business. Highly recommended, five stars!

Kathren Minor

I’ve attended many events locally and across the nation over the past 2 years spending tens of thousands of dollars on elaborate week long master classes on raising capital.  Attending Robert’s California Cash ( Finding Private Lenders) one day seminar accomplished the same thing in the fraction of the time and expense covering everything from asset classes, self directed IRA investments, financing to syndication and tools on where and how to build your private money mail lists.  Awesome Knowledge from Awesome Experts for an Awesome Cost!

Manny Sanchez - Trust Deed Investor / Note Buyer

Rob, Jason, Kathryn, Taylor and team do an incredible job preparing you for the reality of this business. Having wholesaled and flipped many properties in CA and out of state give Robert the credibility and experience to stand before us and teach us the business. I appreciate the “tell it how it is” transparency that Robert shares with us regarding his successes and failures.

Doug Jones

This is a very supportive and informative group. Not a lot of fluff and straight to the point, useful information. Robert and Jason are actually doing deals and way more helpful than many of the “gurus” out there.

Chiante' W.

Robert – A big thank you for a very informative meeting! You continue to present processes that can be implemented each day. The Remote Wholesaling classes prompted us and gave us the confidence to implement what you taught, and within 1 month we have our 1st deal under contract thru Remote Wholesaling

Shari Frazier