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It has been our experience that individuals without resources have a higher percentage of failure in real estate investing than the couple or individual who comes to the table with resources.

With that in mind, we are looking for individuals or couples that meet the following criteria:

- 700 FICO Score.

- 6 Figure income.

- Capital ready to deploy.

The first step in our 12 step process is to interview you and your spouse/partner to determine if you are a good fit for our existing members and to ensure that you have the resources and capacity to succeed.

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Benefits of Being a Member of the Mastermind


We educate you and provide multiple options to procure real estate financing. This ensures you find all the right markets and deals.

Goal Setting

Once we understand individual goals for real estate investing, the next step is to identify the most beneficial market and asset class invest in.

Exclusive Deals

Working with our team, we can provide education and access to deals on an almost daily basis.

Be Part of The Tribe

We are big believers in “The Wisdom of The Group”. As a group of like-minded individuals, THE Mastermind provides a sounding board and brain storming opportunity for you to take your real estate portfolio to the next level.

Understanding How Capital Works

Whether starting out or expanding the existing portfolio, one of the critical aspects of reals estate investing is understanding how to access capital financing.‚Äč

Additional Value

  • Private Session with Jason and Robert to design your next 1-5 yr strategy.
  • Wealth Basics session with Kathryn to get positioned to make purchases and setup tax and asset protection.
  • SLACK group chat 24/7 support (priceless daily chat and resources).
  • 24 hour first shot buying opportunity to all properties that MRTXRE generates ( 5-15 per month generated).
  • Multifamily deal opportunities.
    Syndication deals.
  • Passive investing opportunities.
  • Cost + 25% construction ( save 15%-30% market rate).
  • 3% points 11% rate on Hard money LTV 75% (subject to market).
  • 3%-6% 30 year fixed LTV 80%(subject to market).
  • Monthly Inner Circle meetings (problem solving).
  • Quarterly 2-4 day Inner Circle events (network and grow relationships high level training and special guests. Some events are destination events)

Why You Should Join THE Mastermind

Diverse Approach

THE Mastermind is a group that shares openly and honestly about successes and challenges in each of our business’s models.

This group of professionals facilitates individual members to achieve their desired goals and support their progress.

Results Based

THE Mastermind program is not a website or database that can "hack" your real estate careers.

In actuality THE Mastermind lays out a personalized approach to real estate, investing in realistic goals, in a practical time frame.

Why You Should Not Join THE Mastermind

No Magic Box

If you're someone that is looking for the "silver bullet," "magic box," "red pill" or "secret gurus” this group is not for you.

No Easy Money

Anything of value takes work. We can share and train on the best practices, but you have to put in the effort to achieve your desired results.

What People Say


Chad Abbey 
Actual Mastermind Member

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Actual Mastermind Member

Actual Mastermind Member

THE Mastermind

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