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Robert and Jason have identified three markets that will  experience the most turmoil from COVID-19. These markets have significant downside risk because a substantial portion of the economy is based on sectors most vulnerable to disruption from quarantine – entertainment and travel.  Three cities immediately come to mind – Miami, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe.

During the last downturn Rob missed a huge opportunity to buy a few units in Las Vegas at a class AA luxury tower.  He is not going to miss it again.  

Welcome to Travel Club 

Travel Club is a group of 16 families that contribute $20k each into a joint LLP.  We will take the cash and purchase three condos – one in each city. Once purchased, each year we will pick 4-5 weeks a year to use the condos. Whenever the condos are not in use we will AirBnb them to offset annual operating expenses. In five years we will sell them for a tidy profit.

Projected Exit


35% Down

Principal Pay Down

7% Equity

Closing Costs 8%


Member Profit


Annual ROI










Estimated Operating Expenses





Rent Per Year

Mgmt Fee


Owner Contribution

Per Owner/Year

Per Vacation











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